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50 Years of Combicon The Spirit of Connecting

We are proud of the past, and we welcome the future. COMBICON, the world's largest portfolio of PCB connection technology, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. A magnificent success story – written alongside you as our customer and partner. Therefore, we warmly invite you to take a look behind the scenes of our success, and celebrate this exceptional birthday with us.

50 Years of Innovation

For half a century, COMBICON PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors have been ahead of their time: the state of the art today, and tomorrow. Always making the best technology even better is our passion. Each year, we create new innovations that make the PCB connection more compact, more powerful, or easier to operate – get ready for the next generation of PCB terminal block and connector technology.

Best Practice Innovation

delivery service

Drive units of automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS) in intralogistics deliver top performance every day. COMBICON connectors contribute to their high reliability.

Automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS) now often conduct work formerly completed by diligent employees with handcarts. The AGVS deliver materials to the individual stations flexibly and autonomously in production lines, and in just the right quantities and at just the right time. It goes without saying that these tireless logistics associates need to be extremely durable and intelligent high-tech products. Because of this, a leading manufacturer of automated drive technology, based in Baden, Germany relies on a variety of connection solutions from Phoenix Contact. COMBICON headers and connectors are especially valuable to connect the frequency converter. Hundreds of thousands of these systems have already been produced.

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50 Years of Variety

We have continued to develop our COMBICON portfolio for 50 years. As a PCB terminal block or easy-to-service connector, with screw or spring connection, in one to 40 positions, in miniature format or for currents over 232 amperes: the unique diversity we offer means we have the right connection technology to transmit signals, data, and power for almost any application. Which color? You decide!

Best Practice Diversity

Power for
strong arms

Just as we humans use the force of our muscles to move, high-performance servo motors help industrial motors move. Their control technology is based fully on COMBICON connectors.

Left and right, back and forth, up and down – lightning fast, with high-precision, thousands of times a day: The job of a modern robotic arm is not easy. The servo motors in particular, which make all of their movements possible, are subject to extreme demands due to major changes in speed and torque, as well as high overload and holding torques at a standstill. One leading Danish manufacturer of high-power motors relies on a total of 16 different connectors from the extensive COMBICON product portfolio. These connectors are used on decentralized servo drive units developed specifically for the food an packaging industry. More than 10,000 of its servomotors annually ensure that products are precisely packaged, filled, or transported around the world.

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50 Years of Quality

PCB connection technology in outstanding quality for reliable and durable connections – this has been our mission and our promise to you for 50 years. We ensure precision down to the smallest detail with modern simulation methods, intensive qualification tests, and consistent controls during the production process. In doing so, we see the durability of our products as a key contribution to sustainability.

Best Practice Quality


Wireless connections at dizzying heights: How COMBICON connection technology makes innovative cableway communication systems secure, reliable, and powerful.

Rocking gently, riders look down into rocky chasms sometimes over 100 meters in depth: Anyone who decides to climb peaks in comfort needs to rely on the safest technology. That is why a leading Austrian manufacturer of mobile communication solutions trusts in the uncompromisingly high quality of connection technology from Phoenix Contact. Numerous COMBICON components are installed in the control technology for its new communication systems for cableway cabins. The system facilitates the management, control, and monitoring of and communication with individual cableway cabins – wirelessly and from a central control room.

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In case of

Don't panic on the ghost train: Intercom systems with COMBICON connection technology ensure fast communication in case of a breakdown on rides at a global amusement park chain.

From rollercoasters to runaway mining cars or fantastical underwater adventures – the rides at the amusement parks from a world-renowned entertainment group offer nothing but thrills. The thrills are carefully calculated, however, and safety always comes first. To ensure to ensure immediate communication in case of an emergency, the operator commissioned a California specialist to develop an intercom system. This company, in turn, chose Phoenix Contact to supply the complex connection technology. A 16-position COMBICON connection strip for the printed circuit board, one which has been installed thousands of times, greatly simplifies installation of the unit.

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50 Years of Global Standards

50 years ago, we presented the first COMBICON PCB terminal blocks with the KDS series. Today, COMBICON is the global green standard for PCB connections, which is used in almost all applications in industry, building technology, infrastructure, and the energy sector. It is our practice to fulfill all international standards and approvals for our extensive product offering.

Best Practice Global Standards

So everything

To enjoy the perfect dip in a whirlpool or hot tub, it is important that not only water, but power as well keeps flowing: COMBICON connection technology ensures powerful pool controllers.

Bubbling, babbling, waving, swirling – few people can pull themselves away from the fascination of moving water. Especially if it is welcoming them not only into a rugged natural environment, but into a luxurious pool or spa at the perfect temperature. That is exactly what innovative controllers from a leading U.S. manufacturer ensure by controlling variables such as the perfect temperature, jet pressure, flow quantities, and lighting. The excellent reputation of its products is reason enough for the company to trust in the best connection technology: The COMBICON lever terminal has proven the most suitable choice out of the diversity of potential solutions from Phoenix Contact. Thanks to this classic option with its tool-free lever mechanism, Waterway Plastics was able to implement fast, flexible, and reliable wiring on control circuit boards in quantities ranging to the tens of thousands.

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50 Years of Partnership

Thanks to your trust in our COMBICON PCB connection technology, we can now look back proudly on a 50-year success story. But we also know that you as our customer and partner provide key stimuli for innovation and new developments with your requests and requirements. For this, we say THANK YOU. We look forward to a future partnership with the best connections – with you and COMBICON.

Best Practice Partnership


Thanks to COMBICON connectors, the controllers can simply and reliably change the colors of architectural lighting

Creating a unique atmosphere with light on a plaza or street, in a park, or around a building: That is the specialty of a major northern German manufacturer of high-quality lighting solutions for outdoor areas. One such example is FLC200-CC: a light with a color changing function, designed for combined use in lighting scenarios for architectural applications such as castles, theaters, or hotels. It is connected via a DMX cable with three 1.5 mm² wires (current) and two shielded 26 AWG wires (DMX bus) to a DMX controller box. The customer selected the COMBICON PTSM 0.5 connector for the internal LED PCB connections and connection to the wireless DMX printed circuit board. The lighting experts prized the product from Phoenix Contact especially because it facilitates very simple Push-in installation and optimally ensures the industrial quality of the product.

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Combicon Voices

50 years. 50 seconds.

Klaus Eisert



Torsten Janwlecke

COO & President Business Area Device Connectors


Volker Koppert

Vice President PCB Connectors


Ralf Gehle

Director Product Marketing Board-to-Board and PCB Connectors



General Manager of the Control Device System Division



Chief Innovation Officer Mechatronics



Senior VP Products


Derrick Tay, Cleve Pua

Managing Director, Technical Sales Manage

Quadrep Marketing (S) Pte Ltd

Connie Lin

Product Manager

Advantech Co., Ltd (研華科技)

K. Nattawut

R&D Engineer

Bluechip Microhouse

Combicon Congrats

Celebrate around the world.

Happy Birthday COMBICON!

Anna Brockmann, Deutschland

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu einem halben Jahrhundert COMBICON!

Jan Bertelsen, Deutschland

Alles Gute COMBICON - zum Jubiläum- auf die nächsten 50 Jahre.

Gerda Bode, Schweiz

Congratulations !!!!!! Proud to be part of Inspiring Journey of Combicon !!!!!

Kuldeep Talgaonkar, India

Congratulations to 50 years of making a huge difference in the world. So many devices in so many applications run perfectly thanks to the quality and reliability of all those "little green" connectors.

Steve Barber, USA

Alles im GRÜNEN Bereich! Gratulation

Frank Ruckwied, Deutschland

Congratulations to COMBICON the Trend Setter on completion of its 50 years !!


Wir gratulieren Ihnen herzlich zu diesem besonderen Firmenjubiläum – 50 Jahre COMBICON, das ist etwas ganz besonderes.

Dany Nguyen, Deutschland

Happy Birthday COMBICON! VDL TBP Electronics BV.

Manita Boeter, Nederland

콤비콘의 50번째 생일을 정말 축하합니다!! 앞으로도 잘 부탁드립니다!!

Jeong-hun Kim, South Korea

thank you so much.It was my pleasures to participate here.

rumpy kabeer, Bangladesh

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Combicon Milestones

1972The first
of its kind
1974One turn
in orange
1982Birth of
a global standard
1990Full power
1991Mini becomes the fashion
1999After the wave
2003Set lower
2009Tool-free connection technology
2013Making new contacts
performance on the PCB
2018Power in series
2021Configured with a click





Empowering the all Electric Society

COMBICON provides connectivity for a livable world.

A global society in which regenerative and affordable electrical energy is available in sufficient quantities: This is the All Electric Society – the scientifically based vision of the future of a carbon-neutral and sustainably developing world. The path to achieving this leads through the comprehensive electrification, networking, and automation of all relevant areas of life and work. Phoenix Contact is empowering its customers through numerous products, solutions, and application examples to actively shape this transformation towards a sustainable industrial society.

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